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    Supercharge Your Hotel's TV Experience With Viggo

    Next Generation Hospitality Smart TV Solution

    Smart TVs are quickly becoming the new standard to enhance guest experience in the hospitality industry. They are transforming the in-room hospitality TV experience into a rich, interactive media and communications center.

    Viggo Smart Hotel delivers the first true cloud-based and cost-effective smart hotel TV solution for the hospitality industry. Simply download the app from Google Play and deploy easily on any AndroidTV device.

    Quick and Easy Installation

    Viggo's cloud-based Smart TV solution can be set up in minutes, without the need for expensive server or hardware. Simply download the APK, install it, and you're ready to go. We've made the installation of our Smart TV solution effortless and incredibly easy to manage.

    User Friendly CMS

    Our CMS allows you to perfectly customize the guest user interface according to your hotel’s brand look and feel, ensuring optimal marketing opportunity.
    Being able to increase your brand recognition through a branded CMS platform gives your hotel a competitive advantage. With Viggo you can tailor your guest TV background images, themes, and more to reflect your hotel brand and personality while improving the experience for your guests.

    Get the leading cloud-based content management solution, built for the hospitality industry.

    Increase guest’s satisfaction and raise your hotel rating score.

    Viggo provides an exceptional smart hotel TV solution. Try it yourself.

    Stream Your Own Content

    Global travelers rely heavily on technology, specifically mobile devices, at every step of their traveling journey. For younger generations (Millennials and Gen Zers), this is particularly important since they rely on technology more than previous generations. Viggocast makes it really simple for guests to stream content from their favorite services to the guest room TV. Additionally, Viggo's smart hotel TV solution can turn any hotel TV into a potential Point of Sale, by publishing local services and real-time offers.

    IPTV/OTT Ready

    Viggo's next generation IPTV / OTT Ready in-room entertainment solutions enable hotels to create unique experience for their guests as well as generate revenue and streamline operations. With Viggo, your guests can enjoy watching live channels and VOD from local IPTV headend or with any internet based OTT provider.

    Increase Revenue

    With a Viggo Smart TV, you can showcase all your distinctive services directly to your guest’s in-room TV, allowing your guest to seamlessly discover your services and even place an order via the TV itself. For example, your guests can explore your entire food menu, spa treatments, and many other services all on one big screen. This is the degree of comfort that the customers expect today.

    Create and publish content to your hotel guest smart TV

    The Viggo CMS makes it quick and effortless to create, manage and distribute relevant content straight to the guest’s in-room TV.

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