8 Guest Engagement Strategies Every Hotel Manager Should Use

8 Guest Engagement Strategies
Every Hotel Manager Should Use

The business of hotels and the world of tourism is changing and evolving. It is evident that one needs to be current with the latest trends in this domain to remain and succeed in the hotel industry. One of the most important evolutions that the business has witnessed is the importance of engaging and connecting with guests during their stay.

Here are eight hotel guest engagement strategies that every hotelier should use towards keeping their guests content.


One of the best engagement strategies is to have your guests connect and interact with the hotel staff. Whatever their requests may be, giving your guests the option to connect with your staff on their own terms is essential to your hotel’s success. Some hotels have a personal concierge for each group of guests, so they can be easily connected and therefore, assisted.


The hotel business is all about knowing what the customer wants, even before they have stepped into the hotel. Therefore, data plays a big role in creating guest engagement strategies, and that comes from utilizing the right tool tools and solutions, such as Viggo’s Smart Stay mobile app.

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Most hotel guests simply don’t know about the services and offers that are available to them, hence they might end up not having the best experience, even after paying for it. Therefore, it makes sense for the hotel owner to provide the guest with timely and relevant information, keeping their guests updated with the latest offerings.


Another good engagement strategy is to ensure that hotel guests have access to room entertainment that is ‘like-home’ of better. This might require you to set up a smart TV in the hotel rooms, such as Viggo’s Smart TV solution.

Keep in mind that many hotel guests are out-of-towners who don’t have the inclination to move out of their hotel rooms and prefer to de-stress with the latest action flick, light hearted sitcom or latest Netflix show, so the important of giving your guests in room entertainment can’t be overstated.


While entertaining a guest is important, you could also give the guests information broadcasted straight to their Smart TV. One way of doing this would be to provide them with information about the local area, its culture, history, etc. This will keep them engaged and allow them to explore the destination they are visiting.

Apart from culture and history, you could also provide information about special offers and attractions around your hotel.


Active social accounts create a healthy relationship with the hotel guests before, during and even after their hotel stay is complete. Going social with the hotel guest experience and interacting with them while they’re at your hotel is a great way of creating a direct connection with guests, and doing so on the platforms they’re active on the most.


It’s much easier to create a community today than decades ago. Think of the options you have available to you; Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, hotel blogs, even newsletters, you can set up your own community of hotel and travel lovers in a matter of minutes.  This also increases your guest engagement in a unique and contemporary modus operandi.


People love new and enhanced things. Being up to date when it comes to amenities and services will automatically mean that your customers will remember your hotel for its innovative approach. Having your guest order room service via the TV screen may seem a tad bit exhibitionist, but will definitely go a long way in terms of publicity and word of mouth advertising.


These are the eight guest engagement strategies that can guarantee an elevation in your hotel business to the next level. The procedure is slow and steady, but the result is long-lasting.

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