Digital Challenges for Hoteliers in 2017 [Survey]

Digital Challenges
for Hoteliers in 2017 [Survey]

In 2017 the hotel industry is more dynamic, diverse and exciting than ever.

In order to better assess the daily digital challenges hoteliers are faced with, we’ve prepared a short 8-minute survey which we would appreciate your participation in.

As a token of our appreciation, we’re giving away a Montblanc pen to one of the first 50 participating hoteliers. The winner will be chosen at random following the completed survey results.

Your responses will remain confidential and will be aggregated with other participant’s response. Additionally, the 2017 digital challenges in hospitalitysurvey results will be shared with each of the respondents before being made publicly available, giving you access to valuable data and insights about current hotel industry trends.

We appreciate your time and are eager to receive your feedback.

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