How to Create a Hospitality Experience That Caters to Millennials

Creating A Hospitality Experience
That Extends to Millennials. Here’s How...

Millennials have taken over the spotlight and have proved to be very different from other generations in more than one way. And when it comes to life choices, they demand everything to be nothing less than perfect, which has forced the market to change the way of presenting its products and services to its customers. With millennials prioritizing experience over product, attracting them has become the biggest challenge for the marketers of the present.

Today, buying a product is simple. This ease of possession has increased the expectations of customers and now, they look out for more than just products from a brand, they expect the product with the experience. People are expecting an experience that stays with them. In fact, they spend more money on experience-related purchases than the materialistic ones.  Like any other industry, millennials have also forced the hospitality industry to change the way they offer operate.

Hoteliers Shifting Their Marketing Approach

Hotel brands need to change their traditional approach and focus on the industry’s future by catering to their biggest customer group, the millennials. Gone are the days when customers were ok with standard services; today hoteliers must tread the extra mile to deliver an out of the world experience. In simple words, the generation of today is not fancied with tangible products but with an intangible experience. Hotels need to understand this shift in demand and look out to provide only the best of services to their customers.

When it comes to attracting millennials, there are certain factors that hoteliers need to consider: 

  •    Focus on providing experience and not just functionality
  •    Allow them the opportunity to connect with the world
  •    Be their best travel guide
  •    Cutting-edge technology is not an option but a necessity
  •    Value for money

Trending Technologies Used by Hotels

Here are some of the trending technologies that have helped hotels across the globe catering to the diverse needs of the millennials.

  • Virtual-Reality

Hoteliers have realized the potential of virtual reality in the hospitality industry and today, the leading hotel brands across the world invest in this technology to allure their guests. Basically, VR devices are equipped with VR postcards that act as travel guides for people showcasing a first-hand travel experience. This also allows the hotels to bring the outside travel experience inside, creating a unique environment for the guests.

51% people believe VR technologies enhance their staying experience at a hotel.

  • Rendering a Personalized Approach

With personalized services being the most imperative factor for the hospitality industry, brands have come up with an innovative way to customize their services. The hotel collects the guest’s data (with their permission of course) and installs it in their CRM system. This provides an excellent insight into the guest’s routine behavior, which further helps the hotel take personalized services to a whole new level.

  • Digital Concierge

With a substantial increase in a number of people using messaging apps to communicate, hoteliers have taken this opportunity to make these platforms as their primary communication source. While big brands like Hyatt and IHG are using third-party social media channels, Marriott has built a customized app to generate instant messaging.


How Viggo Renders Exceptional Personalization?

Viggo is one of the prominent brands that has understood the need for a revolution in the way hoteliers are offering services and has introduced out-of-the-box innovations that truly change the entire game. Their state-of-the-art technologies help hoteliers personalize their services to create a lasting impact and meet the expectations of their guests.

From displaying the hotel services on one the tv screen to providing a global entertainment system, their smart technologies offer a personalized twist to the standard hotel services. Guests can even book travel tickets, watch live events, get room service in a matter of just a few clicks within the comforts of their room.

Key Takeaway

Today, more than just well-designed rooms, millennials are looking out for what more can their hotel do to enhance their experience. Therefore hoteliers have to leave their traditional approach behind and adopt the modern strategies that render more than just facilities. Viggo is one such brand that has dedicated itself into curating smart technologies that are designed to make the hotel smarter and more approachable to the millennials.

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