Turn Your Hotel Smart TV into a Great Marketing Channel: Here’s How

Turn Your Hotel Smart TV
Into a Great Marketing Channel

The hospitality industry is all about creating a comfortable and pleasant stay for your guests. With the dawn of a ‘smart devices’ people envision their hotel stay to be clean, cozy, and more importantly, digitally smart. Therefore, hotels today are treading the extra mile to offer their patrons a digital environment, allowing them to stay connected with the world in the comfort of their room. Luckily, hoteliers today have access to a device that allows them to accomplish this goal seamlessly; a Hotel Smart TV.

In simple terms, a Smart TV, or Smart TV Set-Top-Box is connected to the internet and allows you to run apps, media, and various other software to make the most of your guest’s leisure time.

This versatility has made Smart TV’s the present epitome of entertainment solutions that aid in making a significant difference during your guest’s stay. Here are some of the ways that help hotel TV solutions create a colossal transformation.


With a Smart TV, you can showcase all your distinctive services directly to your guest’s in-room TV, allowing your guest to seamlessly discover your services and even place an order via the TV itself. For instance, they can explore your entire food menu, spa treatments, and many other services all on one big screen. This is the degree of comfort that the customers expect today.


Your patrons may be visiting the city for the first time, so they naturally wouldn’t be acquainted with local attractions. This is your window of opportunity to take your service a step further and allow your guest to explore the local tourist sites without having to go outside.

With a hotel smart TV, your guest can explore the city and relive the excursion on their hotel TV rather than perplexedly traveling across the city hunting for tourist destinations. This way, you augment the quality of their travel experience and at the same time, come across as a reliable brand.

Discover Viggo's Smart TV Solutions for Hotels

Viggo Smart Net’s wide range of solutions is specifically designed to dramatically improve the guest experience and raise your hotel’s rating score. Find out more about Viggo Smart TV today.


The notion of “content is king” has taken on a new meaning in today’s hospitality industry. Guests transport more than just content on their personal devices. They, too, carry the desire to watch their content on a screen larger than a tablet or smartphone when staying in a hotel.

Anyone who has a Netflix subscription or wants to watch a YouTube clip would most likely prefer to watch the content on a big TV instead of a mobile device. Hotel guests today expect the same digital experience as they have in their living rooms.


With the salient demand and utmost necessity of smart hotel TV to amplify and diversify hotel services, Viggo delivers an exceptional guest engagement solution – Viggo Smart Hotels. It is said to be the most advanced quad-core Android-based hotel set top box which can transform your hotel into a digitally smart zone.

The Viggo Smart TV set-top-box is backed up with unicast and UDP multicast that allows you to acquire TV channels from their current IPTV infrastructure. The device measures 71x71x20 mm making it ultra slim and a portable solution that bags notable features. The device provides clear 4K/UHD video at 60 fps and high-quality audio. Its external infrared port allows seamless integration.

From playing games, audios, to rendering services and exploring the web for entertainment, the guests can avail so much with just a few clicks. The hotel smart TV has certainly revolutionized the way hoteliers used to interact with their guests and provides a more efficient and engaging communication channel. It allows the guests to directly communicate with the hotel staff to place their room service order, explore the hotel services, make reservations at a local cafe, check travel facilities, etc.

With such diverse features, Viggo’s Smart Hotel TV has unquestionably offered hotels across the world a more dynamic way of connecting with their clients and accorded them with customized services. A personalized approach in your service is what distinguishes you from other hoteliers and allows your patrons to envision you as an expert in the industry. Hotel smart TV streamlines services making it more approachable, diverse, and intriguing for customers. And, along with being an excellent marketing tool, it has also emerged as the modern bedrock of customer satisfaction in the hotel industry.

Discover Viggo's Smart TV Solutions for Hotels

Viggo Smart Net’s wide range of solutions is specifically designed to dramatically improve the guest experience and raise your hotel’s rating score. Find out more about Viggo Smart TV today.

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