Fundamental Strategies for Successful Hotel Guest Engagement

Fundamental Strategies for
Successful Hotel Guest Engagement

In the Hospitality industry hoteliers need to have proper fundamental strategies for being successful in hotel guest engagement. The basic rules of engagement are changing. It depends on the guest’s needs, budgets etc. So the hoteliers need to keep in mind all the positive things in order to keep the guests engaged. They also need to find out the vital ingredients which attract the customers to the hotel again and again. In the competitive market customer service should be the top priority in any business. The hotel owners just require to redefine them absolutely. So let us now look at the different strategies which hoteliers should use for successful hotel guest engagement.

To deliver a consistent, holistic approach that offers good values. Online websites have found out that customers want the hotels to provide the mobile check-in facility. But it has a lot of problems. So it is essential that both suppliers and hotel operator spell out all the details of end-to-end guests. The hotel owners should ensure to deliver a consistent approach that will be offering good values for the stay.


This can only be possible when the hotels make sure that their touch points are enjoyable. It should be simple and work as promised. Guests do have a usual expectation that their stay experience should go beyond the walls of the hotel. Guests want that their travel technology is frictionless as it would allow them to do whatever they want to. The hotel operators should also have a clear view of what makes their end users tick, what generally motivates them and how a solution can be enjoyed in the most proper way. There should be integration, highly efficient and well-designed interfaces between the systems.


This is a very important point as it says that how can the guest’s experience be better with the help of the hotel’s systems. With the clarity of vision and ownership of the hotel’s systems, they can offer services to the guests hassle-free. By maintaining the quality and consistency of the products and services, the engagement with the customers is also enhanced. A straightforward system can help in achieving this.



Hotels owner and staffs should try their level best to know how their guests feel. These days technology is making things simple and easy to use. Hoteliers can set-up feedback options on their website and provide smartphone surveys as well. Social media tools are very helpful in this case. These tools actively monitor what people are trying to say or convey about the hotel brands online.


In order to create a difference in the hotel, the owners need to think about unique travel experience which reduces their competition automatically. They need to have everything like from Wi-Fi enabled lobby lounges to off-site adventures, to various restaurants incorporating local cuisines etc. Hoteliers need to add offerings which will give them a greater market share.


As technology is advancing these number of people are joining social media. The customers do raise their complaints on social media channels. The hotels need to offer fast and transparent responses across all the channels. By learning this art of social service, hoteliers have the power to turn unhappy customers into their very own brand ambassadors.

Exceed expectations and treat guests as their own home. Look after the well-being and also take care of the guests and try to make their experience comfortable and memorable.

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