Hotel Wi-Fi Security, Ensure Your Guest’s Complete Privacy

Hotel Wi-Fi Security,
Ensure Your Guest’s Complete Privacy

Everyone expects the hotel guest Wi-Fi to be simple and hassle free. But no one expects it to be risky.

For most hotels, providing guest Wi-Fi is a chance to deliver a seamless user experience and a positive reflection of the company’s brand. But that good will may come with a price in the form of problems that pose risks to you and your visitors.

Left unprotected, your hotel Wi-Fi may be putting your guest at risk of having their sensitive information compromised. Outdated networks can become a liability, as users download copyrighted content or otherwise inappropriate material. Additionally, visitors may not be your only concern. Employees are known to flock to the guest network to bypass security controls on the corporate network—and those devices bouncing between secure and unsecured networks can leave you exposed.


The reality today is that should a guest misuse the Wi-Fi network – to view inappropriate content for example – the business could potentially be held liable. Furthermore, without the right controls in place, the Wi-Fi connection can become a simple back door into the overall corporate network, undermining all the other aspects of network security being introduced.

In other words, poorly managed, uncontrolled Wi-Fi is essentially an open connection that can lead to serious business problems, and that’s something that no hotel can afford.

Traditionally, applying security and control to the guest Wi-Fi network hasn’t been easy, but no one wants their guests exposed to malware.


With over 16 years of experience and expertise in the hospitality industry, Viggo Smart Net’s wide range of solutions is specifically designed to dramatically improve the guest experience and raise your hotel’s rating score.

Using “Ruckus” hardware, and our dedicated technical team – your guests will benefit from using your internet service, as they’ve come to expect – and will provide you with the perfect 10 score for Wi-Fi on OTAs.


Public Hotel Wi-Fi is essential for today’s guests and their productivity, even when they’re some much needed time off, but it is not without its risks. It’s still possible for attackers to steal login credentials, personal information, and other crucial data, and there is an ever-growing arsenal of tools and new exploits and techniques cropping up every day. As technology grows, so do the security flaws. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to protect your hotel establishment with the right tools, firewalls, and infrastructure. From the early planning stages to the integration and deployment of your hotel’s smart Wi-Fi installation, Viggo Smart Net has you covered. We take into account your hotel’s unique floor plan, floor number, open areas, guest usage, and much more. With Viggo, your guest’s optimal internet coverage is ensured – always.

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