Hotel Insights: Hotel WiFi – Better WiFi Means Happy Hotel Guests, Here’s Why

Better WiFi Means Happier Hotel Guests,
Here's Why

The hotel industry revolves around one basic principle – happy guests mean a successful business. To this end, hotel owners around the world have upgraded and embraced newer services and amenities. In a fast-evolving world, these advanced services don’t just mean adding an offering fancy coffee, or better room perks. It means providing the latest amenities and resources – like WiFi; and not just any WiFi, but strong, honest to goodness, ‘I am at home’ WiFi. If you are wondering why your guests not just need but demand Hotel WiFi, read on.


In a connected world, there are no office timings. If your hotel has corporate clients, they will have projects to work on, files to send, video conferences to connect, so on and so forth. All this is data consumption. It doesn’t really matter if that bill is footed by the individual or the company. They will look for hotel options where they don’t have to pay heavy data bills. Some would be okay with anything, even using the Hotel Guest WiFi. It’s simple, evolve or shut down.

Strong WiFi doesn’t only retain individual corporate patrons. It also encourages corporate clients looking for venues to hold corporate meetings and interactions. A lot of these meetings nowadays have people communicating via the Internet and video conferencing – so you need a strong WiFi that supports that kind of data transfer.  The only thing to keep in mind is, a spotty WiFi connection is more frustrating than no WiFi at all. So, you do need to do some research and check out which Internet provider is the best in your area and provides a strong connection with all the bells and whistles.


At the risk of romanticizing it all, wouldn’t you want a creative person like a writer or a script writer to book in your hotel and complete their manuscript in one of your rooms? Well, guess what, they’ll need along with a scenic background and good food – that’s correct, good, strong WiFi.

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Your hotel might have guests who aren’t big on nightlife and would like to wind down their evening with a nice film on any of the streaming services – something that they’d do if they are at home because they have a strong Internet back there. Watching a film on a streaming service typically takes up about 4 to 6 GB of bandwidth, which costs a lot of money if you are already on roaming. The moment they realize you don’t have hotel WiFi, they are already mentally planning never to check in to your hotel because no customer would want to pay for 6 GB of data consumption because the hotel they stayed in didn’t have WiFi.  


Tourists are information hogs. A decade back, a tourist could only get good photos and excellent informative articles about what they are looking for. Now, with the advent of video, they have plenty to go through to find out the exact information. Video needs WiFi, and if your hotel offers it, your guests know that all their information download can be done at the hotel itself, instead of paying data consumption bills.


The Internet has become the fastest and simplest mode of communication today. With video calls, chats and instant picture/video uploads on social networking sites being the norm today, people demand a stable WiFi connection, so they can stay in touch with their near and dear ones – wherever they are on the planet.

While these are the advantages of having good WiFi, as a business owner you should also be aware of the risks of allowing people to communicate on your data lines. You should secure your WiFi and keep an option where people can access your WiFi in Guest WiFi user mode, so on and so forth.

These are some of the simple and logical reasons why investing in Hotel WiFi makes sense. Make sure you do the proper research of the best service in your area before locking any service provider in.


Viggo Smart Net’s wide range of solutions are specifically designed to dramatically improve guest experience and raise your hotel’s rating score. Find out more about Viggo Smart Net Today.

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