Hotel Manager, Your Hotel WiFi May Be Compromised Here’s Why

Hoteliers, Your Hotel WiFi
May Be Compromised

In our extremely connected world, hotel WiFi security is paramount. That also means that strong and secure WiFi connectivity is fast becoming a necessity for hotel guests. Providing such a service is necessary, but so is ensuring it’s security and avoiding any misuse or abuse of it. A hotel manager’s worst nightmare is a hack into their services, or a compromised WiFi solution. In an industry that’s built on interactions, not having the proper security protocols in place could lead not only to embarrassing moments but also potential litigation. There are several reasons that the hotel management should take all steps towards securing their WiFi, and here are just a few you should take note of.

Before we dive into the importance of hotel WiFi security, keep in mind that the internet was never conceived as a secure system of data transfer and the patches slapped onto it over the years as more and more critical information is sent through it cannot be expected to endure. As legacy systems creak and crack under the relentless pursuit of malign or benign disruptors American citizens are increasingly left exposed to digital data loss at an unprecedented scale. As our lives have become more digital our personal data production has exponentially increased coupled with a matching increase in rewards for manipulating and packaging this data for nefarious gain.


Today’s guests are quick to share their experiences, and the fact is, news travels fast! A single article criticizing something about the hotel goes a long, long way in aiding that prospective client’s decision to stay at your property or no, irrespective if the reason for criticism is in anyway related to his/her sojourn.

If there’s even a rumor of a WiFi hack in your hotel, brace yourself for some uncomfortable questions by patrons and prospective ones, hurried calls from journalists who only want to ‘report the truth’, etc.  Several websites today review services and businesses like hotels. A review that talks about a hacked Hotel WiFi on one of these websites can have a damning effect on your business. It could play a big role in turning back prospective patrons and even those guests who have been doing business with you for a long time. Personal data security is a serious business. A WiFi hack or a weak WiFi security will only give people an idea that you and your business are not Internet aware – not something that’d be good for the business.


The Internet has become a critical component in all businesses and services. Employees of companies routinely communicate via the Internet and if they are your hotel guests, it is your responsibility to ensure that they have a safe, secure and hacker-free environment to do so. If your WiFi hack is the reason behind information and data theft of any company, there’s a high chance of the hotel being sued. Things can become trickier if you are a host for business conferences, high level meetings between businesses, etc. You’d be surprised to know how common corporate espionage is. That world might seem dull and drab to the outsides, but there are entities and individuals who’d pay an arm and a leg – or even take one – to get the details of whatever is going in one of those conferences. You don’t want your hotel to be in the center of such a controversy.

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With a weak security service, your unsecured WiFi becomes a cyber criminal’s favorite service to use – free to wreak havoc on your hotel guests and possibly event attendees at your location. In the unfortunate circumstance that your WiFi ends up being used by a criminal, you could end up spending a lot of time with law enforcement officers, attorneys and others of their ilk, and that could end up with your business suffering for no rhyme or reason.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should take every step possible to ensure that your hotel has strong hotel WiFi security and is downright unhackable by even the strongest of hackers. Several cyber security experts offer you services that will allow you to do just that. Some of these players have websites that you can visit and get all the relevant information that you’d wish to know about them.


Viggo Smart Net’s wide range of solutions are specifically designed to dramatically improve guest experience and raise your hotel’s rating score. Find out more about Viggo Smart Net Today.

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