Increase Guest Occupancy with These Smart Hotel Technologies

Increase Guest Occupancy with These
Smart Hotel Technologies

Understanding what motivates guests to take action, is the underlying force that allows the best hotel worldwide to increase demand for their guest rooms. Selling your hotel to the traveling public is a very complex process, one that demands that attention is paid to every detail. If you can provide more of what guests want, in a convenient and seamless way, word will get around and your occupancy rate will skyrocket.


Today’s hotel guests aren’t just looking for a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads. Travelers want to indulge themselves in an experience, one they can share with their friends instantly.

Dare to be different. Those cheap plastic shampoo bottles aren’t going to cut it anymore. Think of ways your hotel and staff can go above and beyond your guest’s expectations. When you deliver a high standard of quality on the essential amenities hotel guests want most ‘TV, Wi-Fi, Responsiveness, Personalized Experience’ you set yourself apart from other hoteliers, you get noticed by travelers, and your hotel receives the exposure it deserves.


Empowering employees to be proactive with hotel guests provides excellent customer service. Today’s guests are mobile focused. They prefer to chat via text rather than phone. Do your hotel and staff have the capabilities to deliver text chat solutions? Fast responses to problems are an indication to guests that customer care is more than just lip service.


When an individual is traveling whether it’s for business or pleasure, their room becomes even more important than it is back home. That makes solutions such as Smart TVs a must to keep them entertained. But it doesn’t end there.

Wireless Internet connectivity is equally important. It’s surprising to see how many hotels still fail to deliver adequate Wi-Fi solutions to their guests and hotel visitors.


One of the greatest rules of hospitality is to make your guests feel welcome and special. What better way to accomplish this than by treating each one to a little something extra? Add a cherry to the top of their experience. Introduce our guests to a Smart App that guides them to interesting locations, special offers at the hotel, loyalty programs, and more.


Everything that you can do to make your guests and employees happy will make your hotel a more desirable place to stay or work. Happy guests will want to write positive reviews and tell their friends about their experience. Happy employees will work harder to improve the hotel and also promote their hotel among their family, friends, and acquaintances.

If you do not feel that you are up to the task on your own, you can hire a hotel management consultant to assist you. While getting your hotel to be the best requires a huge commitment, the results will be well worth the effort.

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