Smart Hotel Technology Can Increase Profits For Today’s Hoteliers

Smart Hotel Technology Can Increase Profits
For Today's Hoteliers

The hotel and hospitality industry is an incredibly competitive landscape. So how can today’s smart hotel increase profits for hoteliers?

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of hotel guest engagement. This concept comes up from the marketing principle of customer engagement. It is usually an act of creating deep connections with the customers which would drive purchase decisions, interaction, and participation. These days hotel guest engagement has proved to a greater influence on guest loyalty. It’s been proved that those hotels who engage with their guests during their stay can generally see higher return rates than those guests who are not engaged digitally. Here technology plays a vital role. With the advancement in technology, the hotel owners need to be updated with the latest applications which do help in hotel guest engagement. To know about all these technology hoteliers follow different websites. There will be an automatic increase in the profit by using these methods.

In today’s world, customers prefer digital methods of communication and digital facilities which would reduce efforts and give comfort to the guests. Now how can the guests be engaged? Given below are the ways in which guests can be engaged and this, in turn, will increase profits for hoteliers.


Technologies like iMirror can be installed in the rooms. It quickly serves the basic needs of the guests. Other digital technologies like a smart tv’ which talks back, touch screen everywhere, bathrooms having smart toilets and mirrors that will stream real-time television content, wireless temperature controls that the guests are able to adjust automatically etc.

These things will help the guests to have a comfortable stay. These things will attract the guests and so they would come often and refer others too. In this way, hotels can increase their profit.


Hotels can have robots running the front desk. They can help the guests in checking-in and checking-out. Robots will also answer the guest’s queries without any delay. This will be an absolutely different experience for the guests all in all. There is a significant reduction in money and is seamless too. It provides 24*7 customer services.



Guests generally do have a lot to say about their experiences at hotels. But they don’t always say it directly to the hotel staff. In the world of hospitality word of mouth and online reviews are having more influence every day. This is the basic reason why more and more hotels have started investing in social listening tools. These tools help the hotel owners and staffs in understanding what the guests want, their needs, desires complaints and many more. This is a very important point because guests look for good services and  . They can easily convey things with any hesitation through this social listening tool. The positive comments give them a morale boost and negative ones help them improve. This overall also has an impact on the overall profit.


What’s better than having a five star review in your social media profiles? Probably, nothing. So, the next time you are looking forward to increase user engagement, make sure that you ask your followers for a review. This way you’d get testimonials without looking too hard for it. At the end of the day, your followers love you for the service you provide, and they can be thankful if you give them a chance to show their gratitude.


Nowadays people want hassle-free services. It should also be easy to use. So here comes the concept of Keyless room entry. This type of entry can be done with the help of smartphones and facial recognition. It will be the streamline of the hotel operation, reduce costs and improve the overall guest experience. This method will be faster than digital cards for entering the room.

These smart facilities will overall increase the profits and also help in saving money for the hoteliers.

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