The Latest Smart Hotel Trends

The Latest Trends
In Smart Hotel Technology

Smart Hotels need to follow the latest trends coming up. The main purpose of a smart hotel is to provide the latest technology and luxury to the customers.

If these things are looked after, then customer satisfaction is guaranteed and profits too will increase. These days the customers have a desire for customization and personalization. The job of the hospitality industry is to keep a check on the shifts in the consumer’s wants, needs and give them attention. Smart hotels need ways to engage hotel guests. They need to provide intimate and unique experiences to the customers.

With technological advancement, the next generation smart hotels will have technology embedded into their built-up environment. They should use Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, state-of-the-art video projection and voice-activated controls for new experimental design. The goal is to give the customers distinctive moments and memories. In order to achieve these goals, the latest trends in smart hotels for hotel guest engagement are given below.


Smart hotels should have robots to greet the guests at the hotel reception. The robots should help the guests in checking-in and checking out. There should be different types of robots to choose from like female robots, male robots or themed robots. The robots should be able to speak different languages as guests from any part of the world may come to the hotel. The robot concept is quite popular these days. These robots can also help in small tasks like delivering things to the rooms, helping in the kitchen, handling the luggage. The presence of robots in smart hotels helps in avoiding delays and provides faster service.


This has started to play a very important role in the hotel industry. Hotels have started testing out how they can use Virtual Reality in their hotels. Virtual Reality offers new customer experiences which include keyless entry on arrival or digital experiences in the fitness studio. Each of the smart hotels is using different prototypes, are inviting guests to test them out and ultimately give feedback. This will help in determining the best use for virtual reality in their future hotel experience.



In order to keep up with the latest trends smarts hotels should use innovative ways to grant guests access to their hotel rooms. Earlier, guests had keys, then hotels moved on to smart cards, and now technology is moving towards keyless pads and biometric scanners. The rooms should also have smart mirrors, voice-controlled amenities, smart talkback televisions and remotes for controlling lights and air conditioning. The furniture should also be in line with the latest trends and easy to use.


Smart hotels need to redesign their lobbies and other public areas. These places should be warm and inviting. In future, more and more front desks will be replaced with sit-down, comfortable armchairs and sofas while the check-ins would be handled by the staff. The staff members can be equipped with iPads while the guests can sip on wine, coffee or soda. Everything will be digitized in the smart hotel lobbies. All of them will use touchscreen technology.


BlockChain and Cloud technology helps in streamlining operational processes and facilitates inter-staff communication. These cloud-based management systems help the hotels in easy management and also provide guests with a quality experience. Mobile and voice responsive functionality is popular in the hotel industry today. Guests can download the mobile app and order food or enjoy other facilities. These things will make hotel stays interesting and ensure repeat customers.

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