Viggo Presents Guest Engagement Platform at Travel Tech Israel 2018

Viggo Presents Guest Engagement Platform
at Travel Tech Israel 2018

The annual Travel Tech Israel event took place on June 12th at Habima theater and Viggo had the pleasure of presenting our guest engagement platform to a packed audience, as well as at our booth on the show floor.

Travel Tech Israel, one of the biggest conference in the industry, where leading executives from the travel and hospitality industry meet to discuss cutting-edge technologies, exchange ideas and share insights.

Travel Tech Israel is part of a larger endeavor to boost the emerging Travel Tech startup ecosystem, creating synergies and fostering innovation by connecting the best travel companies worldwide with the most promising and innovative startups.

For those who couldn’t attend, check out our deck below.


Our unified, cloud-based platform allows hotels to manage, aggregate and publish content across multiple digital touchpoints, such as the hotel’s WiFi Portal, In Room Smart TV, and Branded Mobile App.

Think of it as personalized content aggregation, without the aggravation.

By integrating our guest engagement solution, Viggo delivers the comfort for guests to:

  • Purchase hotel services.
  • Check their hotel bill.
  • Check local information.
  • Control the smart room’s functionality.
  • Consume and stream their own content.
  • Privately communicate with hotel staff in local languages.



Viggo’s solution turns each digital touchpoint into a potential Point of Sale.

By delivering relevant promotions and real-time offers guest revenue can now be maximized.

Our Smart TV Set Top Box lets hotel guests enjoy both hotel customized content as well as stream their own to the big screen.

Viggo allows guests and hotels to communicate digitally, the way we do every day – From booking to checkout.

Discover Viggo's Smart TV Solutions for Hotels

Viggo Smart Net’s wide range of solutions is specifically designed to dramatically improve the guest experience and raise your hotel’s rating score. Find out more about Viggo Smart TV today.

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